The blueberry is a shrubby fruit type and deciduous which it is able to produce intense blue coloured oval shaped fruits. In some varieties, plants can reach 2,5 meters of height. Its genus name is Vaccinium sp., and it belongs to the Ericáceae family.

Several studies guarantee the antioxidant properties of blueberries, and rank them into the top fruits because of their qualities.
Blueberries are coated by a naturally dust cover, smooth husk, aromatic and juicy pulp with a bittersweet taste.
Blueberries are positively involved in human cell metabolism by reducing aging action, cancer, and Alzheimer, which allow it to consider them as a marvellous fruit.

Some of the health benefits that are attributable to blueberries:
- Antioxidant action- Rich source of Vitamin C
- Source of fiber
- Contribution of potassium, iron and calcium.
- Antibiotic
- Anti-inflammatory

The blueberry is a shrub native from North America. It was brought along to Chile in the eighties. Our harvesting period extends from November through April, depending on the plant variety.

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