The Blueberry

The Blueberry is considered a superfood, in addition to sweet and nutritious, have a long list of health benefits, backed by scientific studies.

    1. Antioxidant – Rich in Vitamin C

    2. Fiber source.

    3. Contribution of potassium, iron and calcium

    4. Antibiotic.

The producers

Our producers have Global Gap certification to ensure compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (BPA) allowing us to deliver an innocuous product, of great quality and condition.

The harvest

The harvest is key in our production process, it is carried out manually by duly trained collaborators and committed to delivering the best quality to the world.

The packaging

The packaging, the selection and packaging process, carried out in VEAL SPA meets and meets all the technical requirements certified under BRC.

BRC is a global recognition certification that, granting both our processes and products, food safety standards of what we deliver to the world. Committed to the planet and the new generations, we use only materials from recyclable sources.